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Supply chains are the network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute a product to the buyers. They cover design, manufacturing, packaging and transporting, and are an essential part of any company. Within a business, the supply chain manager handles all of these logistics to ensure a product reaches its destination. 

During the pandemic, Covid 19 posed significant challenges for supply chains globally. Nationwide lockdowns have slowed manufacturing and transportation, creating major blockages within the supply chain. At the beginning of the pandemic was when supply chain issues first became prominent. It started with personal protective equipment at the very beginning of the pandemic, including masks, gloves, gowns and other things that front line workers were desperate for. As the pandemic continued, even through today, other things became disrupted within the supply chain as well. With people out of work things like shipping became slow and things were not being produced. Major things like car chips were not being made due to the lack of manpower in factories, disrupting the supply chain within the automobile industry. Now the more prominent things are within food, retail and shipping industries where things are difficult to get and even harder to receive on time. 

The Haub School of Business at St. Joe’s now offers supply chain management as a minor due to how crucial supply chains are. The minor allows students to gain marketable skills, and help prepare to create efficient and reputable companies. 

The class, DSS 447, not only studies supply chains, but the weaknesses of supply chains and how to make them more resilient. Dr. Marcello Balduccini is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Decision and System Sciences of Saint Joseph’s University. Prior to working at St. Joe’s, Dr. Balduccini was an Assistant Research Professor at Drexel University and principal research scientist at Kodak Research Labs. Next semester, Dr. Balduccini is teaching the new class, called Resilient Supply Chains. Dr. Balduccini runs the class, and focuses on the issues that cause unsustainable supply chains. Dr. Balduccini says, “If you have been at a grocery store, you probably have noticed that there are some empty selves… most of these things we see around ourselves are due to issues in supply chains.” 

Register for the course to learn more about sustainable and efficient supply chains! The class can be taken as an elective, but is also for students who are interested in minoring in Supply Chain Management.
Photo Credits: Anneliese Ashley
Mandeville Hall – Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University

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