1. Sabrina’s Café

If you went to Sabrina’s and didn’t take a picture of your food, did you even go to Sabrina’s? Sabrina’s food is as delicious as people’s pictures make it out to be. There is a reason it’s number one on the list. The great thing about this place is that it has many locations but the closest one is only 10 minutes away! A must for every SJU foodie’s Instagram.




  1. Winnie’s LeBus Manayunk

People not only go to Winnie’s for their great food but also for the atmosphere that comes with a Manayunk restaurant. There is nothing better than getting that perfect picture for the gram and then spending the rest of the day wondering around Main Street. After seeing your post your friends will be insanely jealous of your meal.

  1. Green Eggs Café
Photo provided by Caitlin Kennedy

Now this next place is not only and SJU favorite but a Philly favorite, with three different locations throughout the city. They also have a location in Miami so you can even enjoy their tasty food while on Spring Break. This is the perfect addition to your feed.

  1. Nudy’s Café

    Photo provided by SJU Spoon University Instagram

Now this place not only has bomb food but has more of a typical restaurant feel as opposed to 1-3 which have a cozy/quaint hipster feel to them. This is the perfect place to go with friends or family. You’ll get a great meal and a picture worth at least 100 likes.

  1. First Watch
Photo provided by Tara McBride

Just because this is the last one on the list does not mean it is the least. The perfect stop for the food who leans on the more health conscience side, with a wide range of healthy options you can’t go wrong. Healthy food is all the rage on Instagram so this place won’t disappoint.

-Mercedes Zirolli

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