Take One Hour A Day To Relax During The Week With These 5 Easy Activities, You Deserve It!


College is a very highly stressful environment and it easy to become consumed with school work and the social aspect of it. I know it can be challenging to balance your time but it really is the key to living a happy and healthy life. To be successful in your four years at college it is important to take time for yourself and make sure that you work on your mental health. I challenge you to try to set aside 30 minutes to one hour each day this week and take time for yourself. Here are five things you can do while at Saint Joes’s to relax;

1)If you do not have a lot of homework one day it is okay to catch on your favorite show on Netflix.

2) I know we are in college but you are never too old to color. Adult color books can be very therapeutic and relaxing. They are becoming very popular because they are easy way to calm down.

coloring book
Adult coloring book

3) Sit outside of Campion, or even outside the library. This week’s weather forecast is looking sunny so it is the perfect time to catch some sun rays with your friends outside.

Villiger Hall

4)Listen to your favorite playlist. Music is a good was to relax and to distract your mind for a bit.

5) Last but not least you can always meet up with your friend at Starbucks right by the bookstore. It is easy because you can use your DB money which is always a good way to save money.



Carlee Harbright

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