The television series, Squid Game, has been a hot topic since it was released on Netflix on September 17th. The Netflix series is becoming the most watched show on the streaming platform. Now, it’s taking over TikTok, Youtube and college campuses. 

Squid Game has also been a hot topic on campus. We interviewed students to hear their take on the show. Many students believe that it did live up to the hype, yet some say that it didn’t although it is still a good watch. 

There’s a few factors that stop people from watching the show. First, it’s a South Korean show, meaning that there are subtitles. If you don’t want subtitles, there are English voice overs. A student said one of the main factors that drew attention to the show was that it was dubbed in a different language, like the other Netflix show Money Heist.

Second, it has very graphic violence one student said “I know not a lot of people like it but I liked the gore aspect” another said “I like that they didn’t hold back”. It doesn’t shy away from the gore so if you don’t like that kind of show, this isn’t for you.

Squid Game doesn’t have a unique storyline. It has similarities with different movies. The one similarity I heard of the most was The Hunger Games with the idea of having contestants from different backgrounds of life to fight for their lives, but they do so in a series of different children’s games.  

Squid Game tends to leave the viewers wondering what’s going to happen next. The dark theme and the character development throughout the episodes adds to the suspense. With the twists and turns throughout the series, especially the ending, viewers are anticipating what will happen next. 

Now, with talks about a second season in the works, many students think that they are not going to watch it. Usually the first season is publicized with much fanfare, while the second season leaves much to be desired. Students would rather have Netflix invest in a different show. 

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