Interested in the Japanese culture? Or just craving your favorite Japanese dish? Well, Maido Japanese restaurant and market is only 4 miles away from Saint Joseph’s University! Located in Ardmore, Maido was founded in 2003 and is the only Japanese owned grocery store in the Greater Philadelphia area. With one location in Ardmore and another in Narberth, Maido has truly exposed Philadelphians to the Japanese culture. Maido’s market sells unique Japanese toys, pocky, office supplies, ice cream, Japanese snacks, and much more! Maido’s restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious Japanese dishes. While you’re there, stop and watch a live sumo tournament streamed straight from Japan! Maido captures everything from the Japanese culture and is only a 12 minute drive from Saint Joseph’s University campus. If you don’t want to leave your house… online ordering and delivery is available too! With a welcoming environment for all, especially SJU Hawks, Maido is excited to share the Japanese culture with you.

aisle in the Maido market, photo by Ide Doran-Jones

“Philadelphia’s best-kept Japanese food comes by way of this market and casual counter-service restaurant in Ardmore” –

What makes Maido stand out is the food. With a menu of about 40 things, Maido has many tasty and authentic dishes to offer. The dishes are affordable for a college student’s budget too! Some delicious menu items include, edamame, Shumai, Dumplings, Yakisoba, Ten Dun, Chicken Teriyaki, Curry, Sushi, Bento Boxes, Udon, Japanese salad, and more! There are vegan, and vegetarian options available for those with such dietary restrictions. Star items on their menu include Karage (Japanese Fried Chicken $8), Chicken Curry ($12), Gyu Don (Beef, Onion, and Soy Sauce served on white or brown rice $13), Rice Bowls ($13-$15), Okonomiyaki (Pork, Shrim, Veggie, all Mix $12), and many more. For more information, check out their menu

Bento box served at Maido, photo by Ide Doran-Jones

The Maido website also provides fun events involving the Japanese culture. For example, Maido advertises the Bon Festival in Ardmore, the Tanabata Star Festival, and the Mochitsuki Festival. Madio constantly advocates for the exposure of Japan culture in the Philadelphia area. 

The environment of the restaurant also contributes to the Japanese culture of Maido. Cultural features surround the bar and kitchen, like flowers dangling from the ceiling, Japanese writing along the walls and on signs, and cultural artwork and artifacts throughout the market. When dining, water and tea are also served, which contributes to the authentic Japanese cultural appeal. The Maido website provides recipes you can make at home, and has fun facts about the Japanese culture. 

Interested in seeing Maido yourself? It’s easy to get there! 

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