Now that Halloween has passed, we are getting even closer to final exams.  As the colder days approach, it is extremely important to not get caught in a winter slump.  

It is important to avoid falling behind in classes as the days get shorter, and help your future-self out by preparing for the end of the term. 

Never Too Late to Start a Routine

One of the best ways to keep yourself from falling behind is to get into a routine.  As the days get shorter, it is very tempting to be lazy and stay inside watching Netflix all day.  If you write out a routine for each day of the week, it will help you stay productive and avoid procrastination. If you put the routine in a place where you will see it throughout the day, it might make it easier for you to stick with it.  Don’t let yourself sit around; stay busy!

A student’s schedule and daily routine. Photo by Casey Wood

Give Yourself Time to Relax

As important as it is to keep yourself working, it is just as  important to relax and alleviate stress.  You should set aside time for yourself to take a break every day to make sure you don’t overwork yourself.  This time of the year is filled with a bunch of school work, so make sure you give yourself time to unwind everyday.  It does not matter what you do during this time, but some ideas are: working out, reading a book, going for a walk, taking a nap, and pretty much anything that clears your mind.  However, make sure you take this break after finishing something productive first.

Get Organized

Another great way to be ready for final exams is to get organized before the due dates approach.  You do not want to be scrambling to find all of your notes from throughout the term on the night before finals.  Start to categorize all of your papers and spare worksheets. If you organize everything right now, then it will save you a lot of busy work in December.  You will be able to spend all that extra time studying!

Relaxing area where students can unwind and destress. Photo by Casey Wood

Call Home.

One final thing that you can do to help finish this term strong is to call your family.  College can be intimidating, and sometimes talking to a loved one can really help calm you down.  Making plans for Winter or Thanksgiving break can also help. If you give yourself something to look forward to, it can help you get over those winter blues.  Keep reminding yourself what is on the other side of all this work!

Winter break is a great part of the year.  Being in between terms means students have no school work, and you can take this well-deserved time for yourself.  You want to make sure that you can enjoy this time of the year, so make sure to finish these last two months off strong!  Don’t let these dark and cold days get you down—you will thank yourself later

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