The quality of the food served in Campion is a hot topic on campus, with many students constantly complaining.  It is a common theme among Saint Joseph’s University students to hate on the food. Most students feel very strongly about how much they dislike it. According to our poll, 95% of participants said they were not satisfied with the food. One example of something that frustrates students is when the cooks stop making a specific item halfway through dinner. For example, on Tuesday, night chicken nuggets were on the menu. Chicken nuggets are very rare so you can imagine the disappointment when it was only 6:30 and the cook said they “all out”. Most nights, the menu doesn’t change at all, limiting the options. Omelettes, wraps, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, and french fries are served every single day of the week. These take up the vast majority of the options which leaves only two or three choices that are changed out on a daily basis. For many students, it is difficult finding something you like enough to eat everyday, let alone something from Campion that you would like to eat everyday. Unfortunately, healthy options are limited and it would be nice to see an improvement there. 

Moldy bread, Credit SJU Parent Facebook

Photos taken by Cat McMullan during Campion dinner hours

Despite the improvement from last year, there seems to be more complaints surrounding Campion than ever before.  Allegedly, Campion failed the health inspection last year, which was a major setback for the dining hall. Surprisingly, parents last year did not erupt on social media or start petitions to make a change.  Are the freshman this year just sensitive or is it the parents?       

Students have done so much complaining that their parents are involved. The “Saint Joseph’s University Parents” Facebook group has blown up with parents’ complaints on behalf of their kids. Over 22 posts have been shared over the last two months and here are a few examples…

How many angry moms will it take for the food to improve?

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