A quick, fun and easy pictureisc location that is right down the road from Saint Joseph’s University is Fairmount Park. Fairmount Park has so much to do and offer to the community. While college life can be very stressful for many students, it is greatly encouraged for our SJU students to explore off-campus and go with their friends to get a break from all of the chaos and stress school brings and have fun! Fairmount Park is a great destination spot for students to do just that. As being located right in the middle of the park, it is a perfect spot for students to wind down after a long day of studying. Two popular destinations are the Shofuso Japanese House and the Belmont Plateau. When encouraging students to get off campus to take a study break, this is definitely a good and relaxing spot. More often than not, many students often stay on campus when taking a study break. By just going the extra mile with a couple of friends during free period or whenever students have the time, truly goes a long way. 

The Shofuso Japanese House is a very elegant and beautiful house. It offers much serenity both indoors and outdoors. The house offers a very welcoming and relaxing environment. Touring this house with friends or just walking through on your own time is a really good way to change your study break routine. This activity gets you up and walking to explore the beautiful nature that surrounds all of us. Many of us often fall short of going the extra mile and exploring places that are pretty much in our backyard. 

Photo by Janine G

Another exciting place in Fairmount Park is the Belmont Plateau. The Belmont Plateau is a wide open 10,000+ acre space of green land. It has a gorgeous view of the Philadelphia skyline and is definitely a good place to sit down and relax. Students visiting the Belmont Plateau could change up their study break by coming to the Plateau and having a picnic with friends. The act of getting a group of friends together and sitting down to gather and have a nice picnic is very rewarding. It offers a sense of community and friendship. This is a fun and creative way to de stress from all of the clutter surrounding our lives. 

Photo by Janine G
Photo by Janine G

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