Fall has arrived and with that comes fall fashion! This season, it’s all about being comfy but still being stylish within a budget. Sweaters, layering and denim are always musts for fall. This article will highlight the best fall trends at the best price, so you won’t break your bank.

Our first outfit for fall is this ripped denim and layered sweater look. Layering a long sleeve shirt and a cardigan can give you a chic look while still staying comfortable. Ripped denim is also perfect for the fall because it’s a good transition from summer denim to fall denim.

Cardigan and Ripped Jeans by Allison Tzaneteas

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Next up, we have black jeans with knee rips and a simple gray long sleeve with tie details in the front. We love this outfit because it screams comfortable as well as staying stylish. Slip on sneakers also add to the look!

Lace Up Sweater and Jeans by Allison Tzaneteas

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Our final look is black leggings with a white oversized tee, layered with a flannel. Layering is the perfect trend for the fall because the weather can change from warm to chilly throughout the day so this is a practical outfit for fall.

Leggings and Flannel by Allison Tzaneteas

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