photo by Kelly O’Malley

Are you wondering how to transform a simple shower into your own private concert? Well you’re in luck! We created the ultimate playlist for you to make your shower more enjoyable with just the simple addition of music.

Now we all know that the music you listen to is usually based off of what mood you’re currently feeling. Within our ultimate playlist are certain types of songs that you can listen to based on how you’re feeling!

Come on, who doesn’t love finding new music? Whether you’re a first time or regular shower listener, we hope these tunes encourage your own playlist or just help you discover some new songs. You’ll find the playlist below!


songs 1-8: When you want to “hit the high notes”

songs 9-18: When you “need a good cry”

songs 19-30: When you “need a good throwback”

songs 31-37: When you’re thinking “I can totally rap all the words”


  1. Your own personal shower playlist can be created on Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes! All these platform work for making the ultimate shower playlist.
  2. If you’re worried about damaging your speaker or phone, invest in a waterproof speaker. You can find a cheap one here!  

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