Campion Dining Hall

At Saint Joseph’s, so much is unpredictable. What will be the basketball’s team record this year? What grade will you get on your accounting exam? Will there be any forks in Campion today? With all of this uncertainty, it’s good to know one thing is for sure: the omelet line will always be long, but will always be worth it.

Most days, I am one of the many standing in the line that crowds the dining hall. I too, am waiting for 15-20 minutes to eat a meal that takes half that time to finish. It takes a lot of patience, but for us Campion omelet enthusiasts, we take comfort in knowing the omelets are always consistently delicious. I don’t mind waiting in a line twice as long as all of the others, because I am guaranteed to be satisfied with my food is I am eating an omelet. Anyone who doesn’t wait on this line regularly does not understand how I can sit day after day on this line and be content.

Us Campion omelet enthusiasts don’t mind the line, and if you do, get off of it!


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