A chilling film noir about two girls, and a magazine . . .

“Last night I dreamt I went to Hawk Hill again . . .” Daphne duMaurier would have said if she had known about Crimson & Gray literary magazine.
If you haven’t already heard, Crimson & Gray is the school publication that showcases poetry, short stories, art, and photography. It is run by a board of student editors who countless hours toiling over submissions.

Picture half-awake Hawks with pen marks on their hands and a wad of pizza, and you have a pretty good image of the weekly meetings.

“I must say a word about fear. It is life’s only true opponent.”*

And in order to commemorate the upcoming 2016 – 2017 publication, here is an exclusive interview with the executive editors of the operation.

Krista Rossi, Class of 2017 English major, and Emily Arzeno, Class of 2018, are the co-editors of Crimson & Gray literary magazine.

They are in charge of collecting submissions, determining the theme, lending a guiding hand to the team, and making the final call. But what is the secret to this dynamic duo?

“I was always on the editorial side.” Emily said, referring to her literary origins. “And then I become co-editor with Krista this year.”

Emily Arzeno, ’18 deliberating over last year’s edition.

“She’s a great compliment!” Krista chimed in. “Because I’m more of the writing side. So we help balance each other out.”

We discussed the In-Design program, the editorial team, pizza, and new members of the team. I by accidentally misheard “Britney Spears” somewhere in the conversation, but the girls gracefully talked over my mishap.

“I love going through the submissions.” Krista reminisced. “Editing is kind of . . . not my favorite part, but I love seeing everything. I don’t want to get into the dirty work of it all.”

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”*

“I like both aspects.” Emily said. “I like reading, seeing all the ideas, and editing. It’s just fun!”

Krista Rossi, ’17, laying down the law.

“It’s a really rewarding side to editing though too,” Krista added. “Working with a piece for a really long time and finally tuning it the way you want it to be.”

The girls told me that this year’s edition was based off The Modern Interpretation of the American Dream. 

(Sadly it’s not a book, but it’s got a great ring to it!)

And The Contemporary American Dream (Again, a great name! This is why they’re the editors.) dares to showcase darker sides of the Americana Fantasy.

“The dream kind of has a nightmare side,” Krista explained, “where we go into the nightmare and emerge out of the dream.”

They described floating about from theme-to-theme, and how the pages flip-flopped back and forth between dark and light, both literally and figuratively.

“The darker pieces create more emotion in people.” Emily added. “I think when people are going through hard times, they can relate to it more. It can be more interesting to read.”

They also revealed that publishing would start tonight!

I guess I caught them just in time!

If you are interested in nabbing a copy of Crimson & Gray, then keep your eyes peeled near the end of April! Copies are free, and new submissions will be welcome in the fall.


*This Life of Pi quote is Krista’s favorite.

*This Paradise Lost quote is Emily’s favorite!

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