It’s that time of year again. Countless new faces and families on Saint Joe’s campus to see if becoming a Hawk in the fall is what they want to do. For current students here at SJU, that not only means we get a glimpse of potential new hawks to see next year, but also that Campion Dining Hall is going to be stacked with more than it has had on weekends this semester thus far. If you are an avid Campion goer on the weekends, you know that from 9 am to 3 pm they have the two hot breakfast stations, oatmeal, toast, waffles, and that’s about it. Admitted Students Day in Campion changes the game with catered breakfast and lunch, two coffee stations, and more condiments. Here are some thoughts you most likely had if you attended these fabulous days in Campion recently.

1. Real food?? On the weekends??

Wait, it’s Saturday and Sunday. And there’s more than just hot breakfast. There’s tortellini pasta and chicken caesar wraps. What’s going on?

2. I’ve Never Seen Some Of These Workers In My Life

Where did all these employees come from? They usually have three on Saturday and Sunday. They’re working extra hard today though, go them.

3. So. Many. People.

Parents everywhere. How dare they take the squad and I’s go to table. Do I actually have to resort to the fish bowl?

4. Who is who??

I wonder which kids are admitted students or people that came to campion for the first time in forever because they knew the food was going to be on point. If it weren’t for those name tags or them sitting with their parents, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

5. These People Are Being Fooled

These admitted students and their parents look really enthusiastic. I’m not one to bash Campion every chance I get, but man are these kids in for a shock if they go here in the fall. Watermelon? Two omelet stations? Chocolate cake?

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Hi there! I'm Colleen Duddy and I'm a freshman communications major here at Saint Joseph's University. At SJU, I'm involved in APEX and I'm a sister of the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. I love SJU, writing, and surrounding myself with inspiring people.

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