I wouldn’t consider myself a “foodie,” considering I’m relatively picky with food, but I do appreciate a good meal every once and a while. For special occasions, my boyfriend (Nick) and I like to try new restaurants and now that we’re graduating and moving away from Philadelphia, we decided to dive in to a restaurant in South Philly, a place we haven’t touched since we’ve been at school here.

After thorough research, Nick found a restaurant called “Townsend” and it ranked as one of the top ten restaurants in Philadelphia. Although it was a little pricey and had a different menu, we decided to go for it.

Taken by Lauren Johnson

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we got out of our Uber to a small house-like building in a row of a few restaurants. We walk inside and it’s a cozy, dark restaurant filled with people sitting at the bar and small tables around it. Without my knowledge, Nick told the restaurant it was my birthday. Every person who came up to me before we sat down at our table and greeted us said “Happy Birthday” to me, which I thought was so sweet! The hostess asked us if we wanted a private room upstairs with a great view out of a bay window, which of course we took the offer.

We sat down at our table and they weren’t lying, it was a great room with a nice view. The menus were on the table and it was customized and said, “Happy Birthday Lauren” at the top! It was such a personal and nice touch. Our waitress was extremely helpful and nice. She helped us pick out our wines (full disclosure: Nick and I are both 22).


First Course: Tasting of chilled potato leek soup

Taken by Lauren Johnson

You’re probably thinking that I’m ridiculous for posting a picture of a tablespoon of soup but I can’t explain to you how delicious it was. I’m not one for cold soup but this was the most delicious soup, cold or not, I have ever tasted.

Second Course: Warm Spring Vegetable Salad

Taken by Lauren Johnson

Following the cold soup, I’ve never had a warm salad. I LOVE vegetables and these ones were cooked to perfection served over a lemon-cream sauce that was to die for. It also had some veggies in it that I never had before, so it brought a lot of flavors I had never tasted!

Third Course: Poached Halibut

Taken by Lauren Johnson

I usually order beef at restaurants and since the food had already been so good, I decided to go with fish. The fish was perfectly cooked and was paired with a light sauce, so it wasn’t too overwhelming. It was served over oysters, which I am not a fan of, but I gave put them on Nick’s plate and he said they were unbelievably good!

Dessert: Sponge cake with strawberries and cream

Taken by Lauren Johnson

This was the perfect ending to the meal. It was light and fruity and exactly what I wanted! (The candle was a nice touch, too.)

I would 100% recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a good place to go outside of their regular circle of restaurants or meal options. We tried things out of our comfort zone while in an amazing atmosphere. It is there perfect place for a special occasion or celebration of some sort. We will definitely be going back!


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