If you’re anything like me, you may prepare for spring break by trying to eat and live a healthy lifestyle in order to get ready for the gross food you’ll probably eat when you get to spring break. Things that are normally not part of your daily diet somehow manage to sneak into your meals while on vacation. But really, who has time to keep up with all your basic food groups while you’re having fun? However, it all catches up with you in the end and you realize that you ate some questionable things throughout the week and you probably regret it.

  • Fast food. Fast food is quick, easy and cheap, but honestly it’s usually pretty bad for you, even if you think it tastes like greasy goodness. In the fine state of South Carolina there was a Taco Bell attached to a Shell gas station, so while getting gas some people took part in the consuming of gas station Taco bell, referred to as “the shell bell”. Did they have suspicious looking Quesaritos? Absolutely. But did you eat it anyway? Of course, but probably regretted it later.
  • Large quantities of deli products. Let’s face it, money is an object on vacation and a large bucket of Macaroni Salad probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but after day one you were probably regretting the decision and never wanted to smell the mayo again.
  • Cheap beer and Wine. If you’re in a large group and you’re splitting your drinks it seems like good idea at the time to buy that huge box of wine or that cheap case of Milwaukee Best Ice beer. But after the first day or so it’s just gross and you feel awful in the morning.
  • Gas station booze. If you’re from a state that is strict on alcohol sales you probably got really excited at the option of buying cans of twisted tea from the local Circle 7. However, as tempting as 2 for $3 Sex on the Beach cans may seem, It’s always a regrettable idea later.
  • Sometimes if you’re in a large group and you need a place everyone can eat together, Chinese Buffet always seems like a good idea because how awesome is it to be able to eat as much as you want for a fixed price of $14? It’s not awesome and the food is often leads to stomach aches and sadness when reminded of how much you consumed. Was the group bonding worth all that?

Overall everyone had a different experience on spring break and some people probably ate better than others. Do I regret what I ate over spring break? Absolutely. But did I enjoy myself in the process? Of course I did. Although I still can’t look at macaroni salad the same way and never valued a leafy green salad more in my life than the day I got home, spring break is about having fun and doing things you normally wouldn’t do with your friends.

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