1. I’ve been waiting forever for the Whole Foods to reopen
  2. Whoa… it’s massive
  3. Am I in organic, vegan Disneyworld?
  4. An indoor, heated parking garage… I feel like a queen
  5. The parking lot is already the best part of this Whole Foods
  6. I spoke too soon
  7. Did I just walk into Whole Foods, or a hipster speakeasy?
  8. There’s actually a bar in here, I’m not kidding
  9. Wait I have to take an escalator to get up to the supermarket
  10. I don’t even know where to start
  11. I think I need to stop at the juice bar first to energize myself for this experience
  12. While were at it, I should probably just eat lunch before shopping since it’s a cardinal sin to shop in a supermarket when hungry
  13. Ooh a nacho bar
  14. Okay I’m ready
  15. I have never been so happy to see homemade Whole Foods guacamole
  16. How have I only been shopping for 10 minutes, yet my cart is already full?
  17. High key terrified for my bank account when I get up to the register
  18. so embarrassed because I forgot my own bags and clerk is totally judging me for it
  19. Is it socially acceptable to eat dinner here even though I just bought lunch?
  20. I think I’m going to like it here

With only being 15 minutes away from campus, check it out for yourself and enjoy the beauty and wonder that is the Wynnewood Whole Foods.

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