Spring Breakers


Spring Break, the best time in March when overworked and overly tested SJU students cut loose and leave campus for a week of relaxation. Spring break is great because it falls right after mid term exams, just when students are becoming stressed out and tired and need a break. Where do SJU students go for the week though? Do they do home and work or hit the Bahamas with their friends? I asked a few Saint Joe’s students where they were going and the answers varied dramatically.

Some students say they are going home. Going home is great for spring break. Your hometown friends all come home too and you can hang out, rest up in your own bed and maybe get a good home cooked meal out of it.

Student athletes spend their spring break at stuck on campus. Some sports did have a training trip over winter break so hopefully they got some sun in the winter to get them through this training week. This could be a fun week to bond with teammates and enjoy being on campus without classes.

Of course we wouldn’t be SJU if hundreds of students weren’t packing up the vans and headed down to the Appalachian Region for APEX. I participated in APEX fo

r two years and it was a fulfilling, fun and rewarding way to spend my break and many people agree. The weather isn’t always sunny and fun but the work is important and you make some great friends along the way.


It wouldn’t be spring break if some people weren’t hitting the beach for a week under the sun with their toes in the sand. Many students have mentioned going down to Florida for the week to get tan, let loose and have a great time.

Although all these options sound great whatever else people are doing for their break is probably great too. I myself will be headed down to Myrtle Beach for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament with my teammates and hope to catch some rays and some discs during my break.

Whatever your plans are, have fun, stay safe and we’ll see you when you get back!

PC: http://www.sju.edu/int/studentlife/studentresources/campusministry/immersionprograms/appalachianexperience/index.html


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