Two Friends is a popular DJ duo who creates EDM music. While they have produced some of their own original music, they’re most well-known for the series of hour-long remixes they call Big Bootie Mixes. The duo has been releasing Bog Bootie Mixes twice a year since 2013. These mixes bring together popular songs, new and old, along with EDM beats and pop culture reference sound bits, making them relevant, fun, and entertaining. These mixes are known as the ultimate party track, workout playlist, and pump-up songs. This month, the duo brought their latest work, Big Bootie Mix 18, to public ears, with a mix of over a hundred song. Except, this time, the mix was dropped virtually, entering unprecedented territory for Two Friends.

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Because of the current pandemic, it was not possible for the DJ duo to release their newest hit to a crowd of rowdy fans. The group made the best of the situation. Doing their best to keep fans entertained during a time, with such limited entertainment options, they sold tickets for fans to virtually attend the first showing of the mix! As they say, modern problems require modern solutions. This was a welcomed and exciting opportunity for many fans to get the concert experience without having to risk their safety. According to, over 50,000 people attended, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in ticket sales!

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Some fans have noted a connection between the new at-home listening experience with the content of the song itself. This genre of music is typically fitting for an in-person experience, frequently played at bars, clubs, concerts, and house parties. However, Two Friends took advantage of a new opportunity for the EDM industry with Big Bootie 18. This was definitely a change of pace for fans and creators alike. SJU student Patrick Polizzi says “Big Bootie 18 was good, it had more rap than usual, and was more chill and slowed down than their other music.” This more relaxed mood may be reflective of the new at-home environment in which fans wil be listening to this remix, in contrast to a concert or party scene.

“It was more chill and slowed down than their other music”

Patrick Polizzi

Following the ticketed event, the mix was publicly released on Monday, October 26 on Soundcloud and Spotify. After a few days, though, it was removed from Spotify for copyright issues. It is not uncommon for music sharing platforms to ban this type of music, as it does teeter the line between legal and illegal. Staying ahead of this trend, Two Friends has posted on their public Instagram account to let fans know how they can access the music in the case that it gets banned. This is just another way that Two Friends supported their fans and made sure that they could access the listening experience no matter what.

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Because of the pandemic, gatherings of all types are obviously limited. This definitely restricts the types of situations where music can be enjoyed, but this upbeat music, riddled with nostalgic tunes and hilarious pop culture references, can definitely lift a person’s mood (something that we all may need a bit of right now!) While we may be missing past in person experiences, Two Friends reminds us that with a little creativity, it’s still possible to enjoy the things we love! As long as the proper safety restrictions are in place, this music can still make a great workout playlist, dancing beat, background music, or even study tune.

No matter where or when you listen to Big Bootie 18, its guaranteed to bring the good vibes your way, especially during COVID. If you haven’t heard it yet, head over to SoundCloud to check out this unique remix!

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