With the cases rising exponentially in the United States, Thanksgiving might look a little different for many people. There can be safer ways though that you can still gather and be surrounded by those you love and enjoy a good Thanksgiving meal.

1. Try to plan your Thanksgiving gathering on a nice and warm day. 

This way you and your loved ones can sit outside and be socially distanced. If you find a nice day on the weather app, you can set a date and have everyone gather for dinner outside! Everyone could still wear their masks and once seated to eat you can take them off and enjoy your meal. 

2. Eat your meal inside, but keep the windows and doors open for air flow

If you have a smaller family, you can still invite them over for a nice Thanksgiving dinner, but keep the windows and doors open so the air can circulate indoors. This will also cause you to try to plan the dinner on a warmer and nice day. 

3. Purchase a heater and sit around the fire

If the weather is not looking too great for the previous two options, there is the option to purchase an outdoor heater and sit around a fire with your loved ones. Everyone can dress warm and enjoy the company of others while still being socially distanced. 

4. Set up a Zoom call with your family

Zoom has become a big part of many of our lives. I personally have had many calls with friends on the weekends to just sit there and all talk to each other. It might be very different than everyone being in person, but it is definitely the safest option during these times, especially if you have loved ones who are at a higher risk. 

For all of these in person gatherings I would recommend bringing your own plastic silverware and plates. This way it avoids the most social interactions. Maybe beforehand, everyone can get tested just in case! Thanksgiving is a very special time for many people, especially students who are away at college and do not get to see their loved ones as much. There are definitely ways to still have a safe dinner if everyone in your family is willing to put in the effort to keep in COVID friendly as possible!

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