Part of the appeal of coming to a school like Saint Joseph’s is the surrounding city environment. However, this year due to Covid-19 most of the main attractions are unavailable such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events. This does not mean that there is nothing to do in the city since Philadelphia is such a historical landmark and has a diverse atmosphere. Additionally, these things will be affordable to do because according to a poll 88% of students believe that Philadelphia is an inexpensive place to visit. Here are some affordable things that are still available to do in the city despite Covid-19.

Schuylkill Banks

Source: Photo of Schuylkill River while on a path by Pat Sheppard

Whether you take your time walking along the trail or get a bit of a workout on a bike, the views on the Schuylkill Banks’ paths are one to marvel at. This trail follows the Schuylkill River through the side Center City. In 360 degrees, immersed in the city of Philadelphia. With this view, there is not a second for you to catch your breath. With easy access a few blocks from30th Street Station, it is the best way to maneuver the city without a car. Additionally, an all-day city bike pass from IndeGo is only $12, which is much cheaper than taking an Uber around town.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Source: Photo of Philly Art Museum off wikimedia commons

The Art Museum is a staple of Philadelphia pop culture. Made famous by “Rocky” and kept alive by its beautiful view from the top of its back steps, the Art Museum is the most visited tourist attraction. You don’t even need to go inside of it, and to be honest I never have been and have never gotten tired of it. Every time I run up the steps, I feel like a little kid again racing my friends to the top. But, if you find yourself wanting to go inside and see some art you will not be disappointed. The Philadelphia Museum of Art ranked in the top 100 most visited museums in the world in 2017 and holds multiple exhibitions every year. Despite Covid-19, it is still up and running. The only difference is that tickets have to be bought ahead of time and there is a limited capacity. Tickets are free for anyone 18 and under and are only $14 for students (with student ID). There is also a deal on every first Sunday of the month where you can pay however much you’d like (yes that means pay nothing then it is free).

Market Street

Even if it was normal without Covid-19, Market Street is a must-see and do destination. It is smack dab in the middle of Center City and the business district. There are so many cool things to do in such a small area. A few of the things that are still open are Reading Terminal Market and City Hall. Reading Terminal Market is just a few blocks down on North 12th Street. It is a collection of food stands in one big building arranging from all types of food under the sun. It is open from 8 AM to 5 PM with limited capacity. City Hall is one of the most intricate and beautiful buildings in the city. With each side of the building representing a different nation and culture, it is easy to get lost marveling at the architecture. Right outside the front of the building is a small park-like area where people can relax and hangout.

Just because Covid-19 canceled all big organized events does not mean you cannot have fun in the city. Additionally, if you are going to be at SJU for a few years, it is a big advantage to know how to navigate Philadelphia.  If you ever want to check out these places and go into the city from SJU, I recommend taking SEPTA from Merion Station to 30th Street Station. It is only a $10 roundtrip and 15 minute ride each way, which is way cheaper and faster than an Uber.

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