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Today, college student’s have a lot of stress, even more than normal circumstances. Going to school in the midst of a pandemic has impacted us significantly. From being cooped up in the house, to having less social and personal activity outlets, and now online finals are around the corner. It is fair to say our anxiety and stress levels are high from college life in COVID-19

An outlet that could help is right in our phones. The Calm App is a Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation app for mindfulness. From daily guides for calming anxiety, to training your mind to be more confident the app has something for everything. Calm App has several celebrity features including: Harry Styles, Lebron James, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Winslet, Kelly Rowland, and Cillian Murphy to name a few. The celebrities read the user’s sleep stories or mindfulness training. The App can help users get more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and learn the life-changing skill of meditation. There are also music and natural scene sound videos to help with focusing, relaxation and working or studying. Overall this app is a mindfulness hub.

Source: Calm Website

Looking at the answers from the poll conducted on the Hawkchill Instagram account, 91 percent of respondents answered “Yes” when asked if they found themselves needing help in one or more of the areas that the Calm App can help with. These areas include: reducing stress, better sleep, reducing anxiety, building self-esteem, increasing happiness, and developing gratitude. All respondents are current students at Saint Joseph’s University. This shows just how prevalent the need for mental health and wellness practice is amongst college students these days. 

Saint Joesephs Student’s within the Athletic Department receive access to the App for free. This was put into place by the Senior Associate Athletics Director for High Performance, Eric Ladano. Athletes started receiving the membership in 2019 with the intention of reducing their stress levels. 

Senior, Caroline Minnucci, uses the Calm App regularly and swears by it when having trouble falling asleep. She says, “I think it would be great if all SJU students were offered a membership. I wish I knew about it sooner than when a friend told me about it last spring!” 

Whether you are stressed about upcoming finals, the holiday season or just need to take a step back from reality, the Calm App is the perfect escape.

Source: Calm App

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