As many people know, Halloween is the holiday for getting your fright on. This can be a challenging task when many venues are expensive, especially for college students who may not have the money to be throwing around. We will provide four inexpensive attractions in the area to help you decide what you want to do for your Halloween festivities. Don’t worry, we’ll also tell you the a little bit about each site so you can make the right fright decision.

House in the Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres is one the most popular and inexpensive Halloween attractions around. It is located in Bucks County Pennsylvania which is convenient for all students here at SJU. It has recently changed from the past, the house in the hollow has partnered up with sleepy hollow hayride for the 2018 Halloween season. This provides a whole new dynamic and frightening experience. This terrorizing hayride consists of dark, thick woods that’ll scare you to death! This comes along with what is considered the most haunted attraction in Bucks County, Malfate Manor, better known as the house in the hollow. To finish off your unique Halloween experience, they offer bonfires where you can enjoy spending time with friends and family along with some live music. Now you’re probably saying to yourself that this is out of my price range. This is not the case, ticket prices vary depending on what package you decide to get. Ranging from $33 which is the highest price that includes all three attractions to $26 for a combo of two of your choice, to the cheapest price being $16 for your choice of any one of the attractions. Get your tickets fast because Sleepy Hollow is coming to an end from 7pm-10pm October 27th and October 28th!  

Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride

Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride is also a popular attraction site for the Halloween season every year. It is located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and is an easy drive for students in the Philadelphia area. It is known to have extraordinary actors, makeup, props, and more to ensure its visitors are scared! This place guarantees you will get your money’s worth for the frightening experience you will have. This hayride has been rated the number 1 haunted attraction in several magazines. If that isn’t enough to get you to go take a trip there, then I don’t know what is! The Haunted Hayride alone costs $20 per adult, and $15 per child and the Motel has a flat rate of $15. 
In addition, they offer a corn maze costing $15 as well. To really give you a great experience, there is a combo special with the price of $40 per adult and $35 per child which includes all three attractions. Bates Motel is open Monday-Wednesday between the hours of 6:30pm-9:30 pm and open until 10:30pm Thursday-Sunday until Halloween. So, make sure you make your plans quick and enjoy an authentic Halloween experience you’ll never forget!

Ghosts of Philly – Haunted History Tour

The haunted history tour is perfect for college students looking for a break from studying while keeping money in your pocket. This two hour haunted tour is completely free, however they encourage tips at the end of the tour. Located at 239 Arch St. on the sidewalk in front of Betsy Ross House, this makes it very convenient for students to attend. Sites that you will be able to see are the Betsy Ross House, Independence Hall, Powell House, just to name a few. Reservations are required, so before going make sure you visit the website to guarantee a spot for this haunted tour of Philly.

Fright Factory

Fright factory is a perfect place for college students to fully gain the Halloween spirit. Located on 2200 S Swanson street the fright factory is now three different attractions. Industrial Nightmare, Silent Scream Asylum, and Fright Factory Unearthed, which was just added this year. Each attraction will take you through a different but frightening experience. For the ultimate scare they recommend going in small groups and no matter how scared you get you should never touch an actor, because they will kick you out with no chance of a refund. It is a very easy drive and they offer free parking.  Prices vary depending on the time you go. If you decide to go before 7:30 pm it is 25 dollars. If you would rather go later in the night from 7:30-10pm it’s going to cost you 30 dollars. 10pm to 11pm its 35 dollars. However, if you buy your tickets on their website you save five dollars for each ticket. They encourage college students to take a break from studying and attended this haunted house by adding another five dollars off for students with a valid student Id. The line to enter can be very long and for just ten more dollars you can upgrade to VIP which will allow you to cut the whole line!


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