7:30 A.M. your third and final alarm have been blaring for the last half-hour, you drag yourself out of bed after not being able to fall asleep last night due to your restless mind, worrying about your endless to-do list. As you wipe away the exhaustion from your still sleeping eyes, you glance at your clock and realize you overslept. The detailed plans you made for yourself to accomplish this morning, are no longer viable. It’s merely 8 A.M. your heart is racing, and your anxiety has already kicked into overdrive.

College is an incredible time of new experiences and freedom; however, it is also inevitably stressful. Unfortunately, the typical stress and pressure from school become amplified when you have anxiety. Trying to manage school work, a social life, and taking care of yourself becomes uncontrollably overwhelming.

Everyone has bad days every once in a while, but feeling like your anxiety is continuously running your life is exhausting, and unhealthy. Rather than avoiding the problem and isolating yourself from the World, here are some proactive ways to cope with anxiety in college.


You are not alone

1 in 5 college student suffer from anxiety, that being said it’s important to seek the help you need. Fortunately, Saint Joes offers free counseling services to all students, the office is located in Merion Gardens, and its highly recommended that students use the free resources Saint Joes provides.


Get active

Exercise is a great stress reliever, whether its yoga or running on the treadmill you will leave feeling accomplished and blissful, and maybe a bit sweaty. Saint Joes has fun fitness classes everyday on campus. Exercise may be difficult to fit into a busy schedule, but even listening to your favorite song and walking the scenic route to class will boost your mood and reduce anxiety.     


Take time for yourself

Making your mental health a top priority is crucial to reducing anxiety. Put the phone down and stop worrying about what you have to do next, instead sit back and read a book, or do a face mask, just do something for yourself that will make you happy.


Stay organized

By staying organized this will prevent procrastination which triggers stress and anxiety. Make reminders for yourself and use a planner to help keep you aware of due dates, rather than putting important things off till the last minute.


Talk or write it out 

Journal is a beneficial habit, by writing down your crowded thought you are clearing your mind and getting rid of the negative idea that overcomes you. Other then writing down your thoughts, you could talk to a trusted friend or family member, and get advice from someone who knows and loves you. Write or talk until your mind feels free from stress and worry.


Anxiety is never completely gone, it comes and goes as it pleases. Rather than running away from the overwhelming feeling of worry and stress, understand and accept the feeling. Find healthy ways that work for you to cope the anxiety, so you can be comfortable with yourself and your life.  




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