“We need something like mindfulness to counteract the effects of stress in the world.”  Greg Nicholls, Ph.D describes the widely practiced trend of mindfulness. 

This, in a nutshell, is the practice of mindfulness, something that we as a society don’t do enough. With more distractions than ever, people only really pay attention to what they’re doing about half the time.

Luckily, SJU has our very own mindfulness expert on campus. Greg Nicholls, Ph.D, actually runs his own mindfulness workshop every Monday. Students who attend report less anxiety and stress, and better health overall.

What is mindfulness? A 2,600-year-old Buddhist type of meditation. What does it help? Just about everything.

Need stress relief? Mindfulness. Boost in memory? Mindfulness. Better Focus? Mindfulness. Better emotional stability? Min…. you get the picture.

Greg Nicholls, Ph.D., likens mindfulness meditation to a workout. Just as we train our bodies in the gym, mindfulness is an exercise to strengthen the brain. Pulling ourselves away from distractions into a focused frame of mind is what mindfulness meditation helps.

College student starter pack: Coffee, Clif Bar, laptop, textbook, notebook, and pen.

And who might be driven to distraction the most? College students. With the never-ending cycle of stress that seems almost mandatory with your diploma, our brains can get worn out easily.

As much as mindfulness meditation is an exercise, it is also a brain break.

If you’re interested in decreasing anxiety or improving focus, drop by Campion for Mindfulness Monday exercises. The session is only 45 minutes, starting at 11:15 a.m., every single Monday of the year.



Students and faculty alike attend. Contact Dr. Nicholls at gnicholl@sju.edu or call 610-660-1090 for the exact location in Campion.

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