At SJU, everyone has that one staff member who truly stands out amongst the rest. For many, this person happens to be Rodney, the infamous desk attendant who currently welcomes residents and their guests into Pennbrook Apartments every week day. From his warm welcomes to his quirky jokes, there are countless reasons that make Rodney the most lovable desk attendant. But we’ll just name a few.

Rodney in his natural habitat: with a smile on his face. Photo by Lauren Perrine

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Rodney knows ALL the gossip. He is St. Joe’s very own Gossip Girl. From every story to the latest drama in the building, the person to go to for the inside scoop is Rodney. How does he even keep up with everyone? He says, “Well, I speak to everyone and everyone speaks to me. I usually ask how people’s day are going, and they end up telling me everything and anything.”

The Candy Man

Rodney makes life a little sweeter… at least once every week. Candy Thursday is undeniably the best day of the week. When Rodney arrives for his 3pm-11pm shift he brings a full sized suitcase filled with candy (yep, a suitcase). So when did Rodney become the residential candy man? “Well, first it was candy everyday when I was in a smaller building” says Rodney, “but then I was moved to McShain and it became Candy Wednesday and Thursday, but everyone forgot about Wednesday so now at Pennbrook I just made it Candy Thursday.” Thanks to Rodney, everyone now not only looks forward to fridays, but thursdays too.

Candy Thursday came early for Halloween this week. Photo by Lauren Perrine

Busy Bee

Rodney’s job  requires him to sit in the front of the building for 8 hours. He says that “With the students of the building constantly coming in and out, I’m always busy. I’m always “bag checking” (wink wink) and signing people in, that I never get bored.”

Rodney said that so far he’s glad the students haven’t been as crazy as they usually are. “I have a really good group here at Pennbrook this year and I’m happy about it.”

Not all heroes wear capes. Photo by Lauren Perrine

In Conclusion…

Rodney is extra special for his kindness and welcoming personality. He provides the comfort and warmth that makes dorm living a home away from home. Whether he’s a friendly face when you walk in, the reason for your sugar rush, or someone to have a quick (or not so quick) rant sesh with, Rodney is definitely a person everyone at SJU should have the pleasure of meeting. So next time you see him, take a piece of candy and whip up a conversation, you definitely won’t regret it.



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