If you have ever seen the movie Tangled, you would know that there’s not a more magical sight than the rising of beautiful, luminous lanterns in front of a dark night sky. However, this animation could be your reality! Join hundreds of your fellow Philadelphians as they prepare for the most memorable night of their lives. Pack your blankets and cameras, as you get ready for a night under the stars at The Lights Fest!

What Exactly Is This Event?

The Lights Fest is a night filled with exhilarating activities that are bound to fulfill your weekend bucket list. The event is welcome to people of all ages- especially
college students like you- to come and spend the evening under a sky illuminated with lanterns. You will receive a lantern that you’ll be able to personalize any way you choose. Maybe write future goals, dreams, or even dedications to loved ones. No matter what your lantern means to you, releasing it in sync with the rest of the crowd is a mesmerizing sight. But that’s not all; there is also great food and live music played, so you and your friendwill be entertained all night long.

Where Is It?

The festival takes place in Plantation Field, 1547 W Doe Run Rd Kennett Square, Philadelphia, PA. Just a heads up SJU students, this is approximately an hour and seven minutes from campus, so gather your friends and make a road trip!

How Much Are Tickets?

Prices are likely to go up! As of right now, the tickets are $55 per adult and $14 per child, but hurry! Buy your ticket as soon as possible so you can be assured your ticket to attend. 

When Can I Go?

The festival takes place on October 20th, 2018, exactly ONE WEEK from today! So buy a ticket, grab your besties, and get ready for the perfect night under the lights.




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