Most college students can relate to the situation in which they crave a day of shopping but after looking at their bank account, they reconsider. But what if I told you that you could enjoy a fun day of shopping without putting a dent in your account? Thankfully for all Saint Joe’s students, the greater Philadelphia area is riddled with flea markets and thrift stores that carry treasures of all shapes and sizes at a sometimes shockingly affordable price.

One particular event that occurred this past weekend was the “Big Neighborhood Yard Sale,” hosted by High Point Cafe just outside the Allen Lane train station, only a few stops from 30th street station. This flea market had so much to offer for the Saint Joe’s student looking to have a fun time with friends. You step off the train and immediately hear the live music, vendor/customer chatter, and the pouring of coffee coming from the coffee shop right inside the station.

Train station heading towards the Big Neighborhood Yard Sale. Photo taken by Ide Jones.

Vendors lined up on the street and sold items ranging from old records to handmade pottery and paintings. Flea markets like these are the perfect place for college students to find things for around the dorm or apartment.

Local vendors setting up their tables to sell their products. Photo taken by Ide Jones.

However, if flea markets aren’t your scene, do not despair. Just a few stops from Allen Lane is Chestnut Hill, a gold mine for thrift stores. One thrift store in particular, Greene Street Thrift, is right on Chestnut Hill’s main street which is chock-full of other adorable shops. At Greene Street, not only can you buy clothes but you can also get money for your used clothes. One SJU student remarks on buy, sell, and trade thrifts by saying, 

“Sometimes I go thrifting and end up leaving with more money than I began with, I love being able to buy clothes and not feel guilty about it. ”

– Bella Picchini, SJU student
Bella Picchini, SJU Class of 2023, observing the art for sale at this flea market. Photo taken by Ide Jones.

But Chestnut Hill isn’t the only town near Saint Joe’s that students can save a pretty penny at. Penny Wise Thrift Store in Ardmore, Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift Store in Bryn Mawr, and Trevor’s Thrift, are just a few incredible places students can go for a fun day of shopping.

Whether you’re looking to save a buck, or just go out and hunt for quality clothes with friends, thrifting may just be your activity.

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