If we take the opportunity to look around and truly admire our surroundings, we will find an abundance of beauty in a world in which darkness sometimes prevails. In the midst of all the confusion, stress, and injustice, negativity can be the easiest attitude to fall into. This is why it is so important that when we see beauty, we should speak beauty. It is rare that people we interact with everyday take time to see us all as individuals; for everything we are and have to offer, and to affirm that in each other.

When we receive compliments, we seldom know how to react to what we have just been told. It is time for this to change. I myself am a big believer in acknowledging ones qualities that make them stand apart from everyone else. 

Arnelle Collins smiling after being told she is beautiful and that she has a beautiful smile. Photo taken by Chelsea Evans.

Often the reaction to flattery is simple, a “thank you” is given and we then go on throughout the rest of our day. But think about how you feel when you not only compliment someone but receive an affirmation from another person; you often times always remember it.

Arnelle Collins and Dessi Miles giving their sides of giving and receiving compliments. They explain how giving and receiving compliments make them feel. Video taken by Chelsea Evans

Actions speak louder than words in a number of different ways and numerous amounts of time. When it is expressed to us by someone else, we are more likely to believe it and then feel a sense of confidence to share with someone else the beauty that you find in them. This continuous circle of kindness is one of the best and easiest ways we can spread the love and happiness in a community, that we as students and group of people so desire and deserve. 

As inspired by one of the previous well-written posts on Hawk cHill, The Power of Affirmations, I wanted to touch on the fact that not only should we be reminding ourselves on the daily of how beautiful, special, important, and incredible we each are, but the power of projecting that verbally to other people.

Arnelle Collins smiling for a beauty shoot. Showing that all people are beautiful and should be happy in their own skin. Photo taken by Chelsea Evans

When given a compliment, majority of people report feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness, and it was not just the physical aspects of beauty extorted but the wonderful qualities we hold on the inside and project to the universe that people take notice of especially. Me and Audrey Hepburn can agree that happy people are the prettiest people, as I am sure many Saint Joseph’s University students would and should say. 

Never be afraid to let someone know you see them for who they are because you really never know the incredible impact you are making. 

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