Many of us have become so close to our college friends that we consider SJU our home away from home. That means before parting ways for Thanksgiving break, it’s time for a Friendsgiving dinner. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m swamped with work and don’t have much time to plan an elaborate event. So, here are five ways to make Friendsgiving a little easier this year!

Get Chinese takeout

We all do this anyway, but Friendsgiving is a time to go all out with the Chinese takeout order. What better way to celebrate than with some General Tso’s chicken? Shee Yuan Chinese and Queens Chinese are two of the most popular takeout spots near St. Joe’s.

Have a Wawa-inspired thanksgiving dinner

Who doesn’t love Wawa? Well, it gets better. They recently brought back the Wawa Gobbler, so if you haven’t gotten one yet, now is the time. For around $5, this Thanksgiving sandwich features turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Get a side of mashed potatoes to go with it and enjoy!

Everyone buys an item!

To keep the potluck tradition, have everyone bring something. But, again, we’re all pressed for time and can’t make some elaborate dish. Instead, go out and buy something. It could literally be fast food (Taco Bell has a Thanksgiving dinner menu, what?!). Quick and easy is the trick.

Make one unique dish 

While all the above options are great ways to host a quick dinner, maybe you could bake just one Thanksgiving-esque treat for your guests. Cornbread stuffing muffins are just one of the unique dishes that you could have at your Friendsgiving event.


Go get the best Thanksgiving dinner sandwich

Jake’s Sandwich Board, located in Center City, has a Thanksgiving sandwich that everyone is raving about. If you can make the time, head over there and order the Turducken. A fun trip into the city might be just what you and your friends need right now.

Instead of letting the stress of last minute assignments and preparing a full turkey dinner ruin your Thanksgiving week, keep it simple. In the end it’s about being with your friends and celebrating the holidays. Besides, who doesn’t love takeout?


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