Friendsgiving. Noun. Celebrating thanksgiving with friends.

Typically those invited to Friendsgiving are friends from home and/or high school friends. 

Friendsgiving is like Thanksgiving but better.


Nobody’s judgy eyes stare you down when you get up for seconds…thirds…fourths, because your friends are already in front of you. And relatives are not there asking the dreaded, “do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet?”

Everyone celebrates Friendsgiving in different ways! 

1. The “reunion” Friendsgiving: a time to reminisce on highschool….even if it was only last year!

“We meet at one girl’s house, all in comfy clothes because we haven’t seen each other since school ended. We reminisce on high school and see where we all are now. It feels like we always pick up right where we left off. I love Friendsgiving.”

-Cecelia Cianci ’20


2. The “on location” Friendsgiving: the more the merrier, celebrations happen wherever your friends are!

“Senior year, my friends and I all made a thanksgiving dish and brought it to school. we all dressed up in nice clothes, decorated the tables and asked one of our principals if we could set it up in the cafeteria.”

-Maddie Wargins 21′

3. The “outdoor pig-skin” Friendsgiving: D1 athlete or not, you cannot say no to a game of football!

“My friends and I don’t usually sit down for a meal, but we try to get together on Friday morning and play pickup football together, we call it the turkey bowl.”

-Max Rosenfeld ’20

4. The “college friends” Friendsgiving: who says it has to be old friends, celebrating with any and all friends is the best part!


“This year I am having a Friendsgiving with my friends from college.”

-Stephanie MCcarthy ’18


5. The “awkward plus one” Friendsgiving: just smile and remove all knives from the table before sitting down!

“My one friend brought her serious boyfriend from college. She brought him over and made it a very awkward Friendsgiving experience since her previous boyfriend was in attendance.”

-Whitney Jones ’20

6. The “unforgettable spillage” Friendsgiving: maybe not in the moment, but down the road it will be funny!

“One time my friend spilt cranberry sauce all over our friend’s parents new expensive white carpet. The remainder of the night was spent trying to get it out.”

-Victoria Martorana ’20

Friendsgiving is a reminder and reassurance that your friends with always be there. Everyone is together, sharing homemade and majority store bought food.

Friendsgiving is a time to enjoy your break and forget (for a week) all the hustle and bustle at school.


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