Sports fans will do anything to get Super Bowl tickets especially if you are an Eagles fan in which the team has only reached the Big Game twice and have coughed up the game twice. The Super Bowl was this past weekend, Recently I have conducted a study to figure how some of the craziest ways to get sports tickets from inside the Saint Joseph’s students.

John is a freshman on campus and lives on fourth floor Lafarge. He carries his suitemate’s Robbie’s books for nearly a month because he wants to attend Joel Embiid’s first game at Philadelphia 76ers Opening Night which was on October 27th. John does all of Robbie’s homework in their two classes together of Math and Politics and Philosophy 101. The main reason John is so interested in the game he is a huge fan of 76ers as well, Robbie has courtside seats.

Photo credit: Hawk chill staff

Seats are valued worth $950 right behind the Sixers Bench. When I asked John why this game was so important, he stated “TRUST THE PROCESS, it’s happening”. Trust the process means have faith in the young players like Embiid and hopefully they’ll shape out to be basketball greats like A.I. (Last relevant basketball player in Philly, Allen Iverson is a NBA Hall of Famer) For John, Joel Embiid has given him hope since his seen very small patches of winning throughout his nineteen years on earth.

Have you heard of Radio1851, it’s the radio station around campus. Last year Radio 1851 had a contest for season tickets to the 2015-2016 St. Joe’s Hawks basketball tickets. Sophomore Sally Carullo was a contestant. Amazingly enough Sally won the tickets, but her intention was different. She says that she accidentally tried to call her friend, who was doing her radio show which consists of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga hits, at the exact time when she picked up the phone and she was asked to sing the SJU fight song for the contest, Sally sang “When the Hawks go flying in fight song”. She was gracious to see a memorable 2015-16 Men’s Basketball season lead by DeAndre Bembry and A-10 championship.

Matt DeLeo

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