It’s no secret that technology is a necessity in everyday life. You see technology used in entertainment, education, and now health. Fitbits have been taking the world by storm with its ability to track your steps, the miles you walk, the staircases you climb, and the calories you burn. Oh and did I mention it can also tell you how well you sleep? It’s a known fact that college students are sleep deprived, but it’s amazing to see how much I truly suck at sleeping. Talk about a wake up call. The idea of technology in health seems only fitting, but how far do people really go to reach their Fitbit goals?


If you ask my friend Claire, she will tell you all about how her family has competitions everyday in order to see who will get the most steps. It gets so real that Claire will take an extra lap or two around campus in order to earn bragging rights. She’s totally committed to reaching her goal.


On the other hand, my roommate Gianna, sees it as more of a boost of confidence. When asked how far she will go for her goal she says, “Depends on the day. It’s exciting when I get 10,000 (steps) but I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to reach it ”.

If you ask me, I love my Fitbit but never will I be the “no thanks I’ll take the steps” type of girl in order to reach my goal. I’ve come to the conclusion that your level of Fitbit commitment depends on two things, your love of working out and your love of technology. If you’re unsure test it out and see how far you’ll go for your goal.


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My name is Molly Espinosa and I attend St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pa. I’m a marketing major with a minor in communications. The city has always been home to me and where I find inspiration for my work. When I’m not posting you can probably find me dancing away in my kitchen or jogging through the streets of Philly.

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