It’s that time of the semester when the first wave of stress induced cramming for exams has hit for Midterms. With a week left until Fall Break, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going.  With all of this stress, it’s good to take a break and get away from campus for a little bit. Here is a list of 5 things to do in Spruce Street Harbor Park.

1) Grab Some Grub

Spruce Street is famous for their selection of vending trucks along the harbor. Satisfy all of your cravings with the variation of chains and local food vendors represented. The selection is virtually endless.


2) Hang in the Hammocks

Midterms are stressful. Forget about exams for the afternoon and enjoy the view of the harbor from the comfort of one of the many hammocks lined up along the river. A hammock session is nice anywhere, but the view and the environment at Spruce Street Harbor Park is even better. A minute in these perfectly knitted hammock beds will make you forget all the stress of midterm exams.


3) Lock in your Love

Going with a loved one? A significant other? A quality friend? Bring a lock and join the wall of people who have solidified their love with a key. Even if you don’t put a lock on the gate, the aesthetic of the wall is still great to admire.  


4) Marvel in the Seaport Independence Museum

It is no secret that there is a lot of history in Philadelphia, but one of the city’s secret historical treasures sits in Penn’s Landing at the park. An interactive museum experience in the middle of the harbor is the perfect study break to take your mind off the lecture notes you’ve been studying all night.


5) Finish your day at Franklin Fountain

Even though the Franklin Fountain is not part of the park, the short walk around the corner is more than worth it. Treat yourself to some of the best ice cream Philadelphia has to offer. A perfect way to end your getaway before getting back to the stressful reality on campus.

Sometimes taking a break from your responsibilities is all you need to get back to your grind. A trip to Spruce Street Harbor Park will do the trick and get you ready to come back feeling refreshed and ready to get good grades on all your exams and papers.


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