Even in a quarantine, people need to take a break from work.  It can be tough to find an activity that is not too time consuming but still relieves some stress and provides a break from work.  This is why we are providing a list of study break activities that you do not even need to leave your house to do.  These activities stem from fifteen minutes to hour-long ones.  

15 Minute Activities:

  • Self Care Time: It is important to take care of yourself and your body.  Something as simple as doing a face mask, doing a quick workout or taking a relaxing shower can be the perfect short break.
  • Work-out: A quick online workout is import to keep the blood moving during long periods of studying. A great at home work-out alternatives can be found on youtube or other applications.
  • Cleaning: A cluttered bedroom or house can lead to procrastination.  Sometimes just a quick cleaning session, such as making your bed or vacuuming your room, can be a great way to take a break from studying.
  • Social Media: There’s nothing wrong with logging onto your Twitter or Instagram account and checking what is going on in the world.  You just have to be careful that it is only a short break and does not escalate into an hour-long procrastination break.

30 Minute Activities:

  • Baking & Cooking: One of my favorite study break activities is to cook myself a quick snack.  I like trying new recipes that distract me from whatever work I was previously doing.  For example, this cookie recipe could be a really fun and easy treat to make with friends!
  •  DIY Projects: These kinds of do it yourself projects could really be anything.  Visiting sites like Pinterest provide great examples of affordable and creative projects you can make at home.
  • Online Shopping: Because of the pandemic, online shopping has become a much more popular way to purchase clothing, accessories and any other products or services a college student could need.  A shopping break is an easy distraction from whatever work you need a break from.

60 Minute or Longer Activities:

  • Painting: If you are an artistic person, painting is a great way to break from your work.  However, do not worry if you are not a real artsy person.  Services, such as Painting With a Twist, provide all the supplies you will need for painting as well as a video link to a professional who will help you every step of the way. 
  • Video Games: Playing a home on the XBox or Wii is a great way to spend a study break.  I find it is especially fun to play with my friends and allows us to take breaks together.
  • Book or Movie: Reading a book or watching a movie on Netflix or Hulu is a great source of entertainment that provides a distraction from work.  It allows for a longer break if you are sick and tired of studying and need the extra time for relaxing.  

Whether you want a quick fifteen minute break or a longer break, there are a surplus of activities you can pursue.  Even in a pandemic, you can escape from work and enjoy time doing what relaxes you.  

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