Summer is around the corner as the spring semester is coming to an abrupt end. SJU students are eager to explore elsewhere besides their classrooms after a difficult year adjusting to Covid protocols. The country is ready to officially be opened up, as states are becoming more lax due to the effective distribution of the vaccine. Consequently, people of all ages and in particular college students, are patiently waiting to socialize. We thought that we would give you the best places to catch up, readjust, and converse with your fellow classmates as the pandemic slows down. Enough about Manayunk, here are the top hangouts in Center City for those who are 21 and older. 

Independence Beer Garden

Photo by Connor Healy. Independence Beer Garden.

It is hard to discuss bars in Philly without shedding light on this beer garden. Located on Independence Mall west, this spot is perfect for a post covid semester. It is extremely spacious, leaving room to move around and enjoy the fresh air. It is perfect to accommodate pandemic safety precautions as well due to its 20,000 square foot space! According to the website, this beer garden can house about 300 guests. Those who wish to visit have the view of the Liberty Bell Center and the Independence National Historical Park. Philadelphia has plenty of history behind it, so why not make a day out of it? The Independence Beer Garden is conveniently located within walking distance to other attractions. Its design and atmosphere make the garden unlike any other traditional bar. Definitely worth the visit.

Old City Beer Garden

Photo by Connor Healy. Old City Beer Garden.

Old City Beer Garden is situated on Market Street with tables that can sit a half dozen of your friends. As the Phillies roll into their season, it is an ideal place to spectate a winning record on their eight TVs. Old City Beer Garden is all outdoors, so social distancing is certainly possible. If you have a large group, you and your friends can reserve a party so that people can have their own space! The outdoor setup itself is unique, situated between Philadelphia architecture and graffiti art on the stucco wall behind the bartender. Despite the close city quarters, it still gives of a spacious feel due to the outdoor setup. 

Morgan’s Pier

Photo by Connor Healy. KITE and KEY is a local bar right near Morgan’s Pier.

This awesome bar is preparing for its reopening on April 22nd. According to their website, it is the 10th season upon opening for business. This bar is located on Christopher Columbus Blvd right next to the waterfront. This area is up and coming for recent graduates, situated just south of Northern Liberties. The atmosphere is excellent, with a full on view of the water and the Ben Franklin Bridge! This outdoor space has been known for fall and summer fests with music played by live performers and singers. A little music and friends is what college students want for the summer. Morgan’s Pier is a great Philadelphia bar for just these needs!

Overall, Philly bars are excellent places to hangout with friends. With Covid coming to a halt, Center city bar business will be booming. Feel free to visit the websites to book a party or reservation! 

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