Georgia Gardner is a freshman and a Communication Studies major here at Saint Joseph’s University. Her love of media production started in Souderton High School, PA,  where she took part in TV broadcasting classes and the school’s production organization, RedAlert. Here she learned editing skills and general media knowledge. I wanted to dive into Gardner’s high school media background and her passion for all forms of media production. 

Though Gardner really started getting involved in media in high school she definitely took inspiration from her father who’s a Getty Photographer. She and her dad are fairly close despite him living in Utah. 

All her photography skills started with her father and were embellished more in RedAlert. Whenever she has a media question her dad is always on speed dial. 

Her experience with RedAlert was the highlight of her high school career. During her junior year Georgia found the production position that really spoke to her.

“Switcher”, A position of control where she could really flourish and demonstrate her skills. In this position it was up to Gardner to really run the show and coordinate all of its moving parts from lights to segments to which camera was on who. All of Gardner’s talents were perfectly utilized in this position and it really brought her fulfillment. 

This position was almost life changing for her. Gardner has struggled with anxiety her whole life. She often struggled to feel in control of her own life. This was a pivotal moment in her recognition that even if she feels overwhelmed she has the power to take control and still have everything run smoothly. 

Gardner carries that found wisdom with her today as she continues to grow as an individual and a creative at Saint Joseph’s university. 

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