Dante Cioci is a junior at Saint Joseph’s University studying for a Sports Marketing major with a Communications minor. Dante is from Royersford, PA. Dante’s experience at Saint Joseph’s University overall has been a positive experience with the exception being the trials provided by the pandemic. Separation from campus and peers has been especially difficult for someone who values social connections. Dante’s return to campus has been very eager to embrace connections with peers. 

Networking has been a priority for Dante during his college experience so far. Not only is it important to keep friendly social connections, networking is beneficial to prepare for any potential careers in the future. Dante’s willingness to embrace foreign peers at Saint Joseph’s University is a testament to his character. 

Dante is living with people he has met who are from foreign countries. This living experience has enabled him to broaden his horizons. He finds a connection to his roommates through athletics and team sports. One occasion that Dante is especially fond of is when he attended a Philadelphia Union soccer game with his roommates. During this game he got to see a player on the Union who his roommate played soccer with in Germany. Dante cherishes the time he spends with his roommates for the diversity, networking, and ability to bond over sports and the athletic spirit.

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