You can never tell a person’s story from just looking at them, you may think that you understand them, however you can’t until you hear their story. You may think you know Paige Jansen, but until you hear her story and her life experiences, you really don’t

Paige is a Sophomore Communications major, who is from Salisbury Maryland. From talking to her, you see that Salisbury has made her the person she is now. She came from a small town in her own words, where all their was to do was to go to Target. She  went to school with the same 30 kids from Kindergarten-8th grade. Although she had friends growing up, her small community led her to being extremely close with her family. This is especially true with her mom, who she says is her best friend. 

Other than family values, Paige seems very focused on her future and with what she wants in her SJU experience. She has a passion for photography, wanting to become a professional photographer who travels and reports on her findings. She always keeps her camera with her and has a vast knowledge about photography. Paige understands how you need to grow your business portfolio and market yourself, which is rare coming from a sophomore. 

She also seems content with what her future goals are for SJU. Paige wants to get more involved on campus, she is trying/ is on the club volleyball team, and signed up for service programs such as PSIP. She is also trying to meet new people on campus, even going up and talking to random students who she sees. She is ready to have a true college experience after having her freshman year affected by COVID-19. Paige loves the SJU community and I know that the community will love Paige too.

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