Jamie pictured sitting in the garden of the Barnes Arboretum

Jamie is a Junior here at SJU.

Growing up in Blue Bell, PA, about thirty minutes away from here, she played field hockey for four years at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School. She earned multiple awards for her dedication and made lifelong friends who were on the team with her. Her family is extremely important to her and is what encouraged her to stay within arms reach for college. 

In her three years of being here, Covid-19 has thrown a wrench into her plans for the future. When she was sent off-campus, she was not sure how the pandemic would affect her life at Saint Joseph’s. She tried to remain positive in such scary times. 

Jamie spends her summers in Avalon, NJ. She has been going there since she was a young girl. She always looks forward to spending time back on the beach with her friends and family. She was not sure what the summer of 2020 would bring when social distancing was introduced and decided to work two jobs. She knew she would have to be careful when being with large crowds of people, but took advantage of the strange pandemic summer.

She worked at a takeout seafood restaurant and at a bakery down the shoreline. She loved both jobs and was able to meet so many new people. She learned a lot and had a lot of responsibilities working these jobs.