Amelia, a freshmen and communications major here at Saint Joseph’s University, walks us through her college experience thus far, and sheds some light on the challenges she’s experienced since embarking on this transition.

No doubt, a college campus is quite the change of pace from any small town suburb, but Amelia seems to be taking everything in tremendous stride. Naturally, she struggled with being herself the first few weeks of school, but she’s since learned to come out of her shell and partake in new experiences, which is what it’s all about!

College certainly exposes the individual to some pretty fascinating real-world experiences, and for Amelia, ;earning about the efficiency of public transportation was substantially eye-opening. She knows what she must to do to avoid stress, and if she does her job correctly , she’s found she can get where she needs to be quite smoothly.

Amelia’s also learning some time management skills, arguably the most important set of skills for a college student to possess, but it hasn’t come easy, as Amelia’s greatest challenge in the present moment is balancing her social life with her academic goals. She discusses the difficulties of having friends outside her major, friends who posses a different workload, whether it be more more or less rigorous than her own.

Amelia is learning day by day what it takes to make it on her own, and although college has it’s challenging moments, everything is lining up. No matter how great the stress of leaving your tight-knit hometown may be, it undeniably possible. Amelia is blossoming on campus, and the adjustment has consisted of great deal of personal growth. There is much to look forward to these next four years on Hawk HIll.

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