Through the opportunities and connections provided by Saint Joseph’s Univeristy, William Einstein was able to discover an internship that allowed him to work within digital marketing, advertising, and social media. Saint Joseph’s University allowed him to immerse himself, not only in his major, but directly intio an internship where he was able to experience first-hand what goes on behind the scenes of the very jobs he is studying to have. He was able to work directly with a business’ clients and create a digital marketing plan for a fictional product that he got to imaginate. Through this experience, he learned that he truly enjoys advertising and the facts and little details that go into it. He realizes that he still has a lot to learn, but his love of and thirst for information drives him to continue pursuing similar fields shown to him through his internship.

Before attending SJU, William attended a boarding school; however, for his first two years there he was a day student, and then he started attending as a boarding student for the last year to allow him to become used to staying away from family and home for college. William believes that the transition from high school to college was made easier because he attended boarding school; however, he used to go home from boarding school every weekend, which is a lot harder to do in college. In his opinion, this was a main transition point for him; difficult at first, but ultimately made college much more enjoyable than high school ever was.

After attending SJU for a few years, a pandemic swept the world, and this changed William’s college experience. In his opinion, the pandemic made it more difficult to be active on campus. He joined a business fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, in his sophmore year, and yet has been unable to enjoy every event or opportunity until this year because of the pandemic. Not only this, but he believes the pandemic has also made it more difficult to reach out to teachers when he needed assistance with his academics.

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