This is Elizabeth Marsicano, a senior student athlete here at Saint Joseph’s University. Her nickname, Lovin, comes from a comment her mom made when she was a toddler. She was in the emergency room due to an allergic reaction and her mom said, “See? All she needed was a little Lovin,” and the name stuck ever since.

Lovin is a marketing major and communications minor, and is a forward on the Saint Joseph’s Women’s Basketball team. She is from Manasquan, New Jersey and really enjoys escaping her stress at the beach while she is home. While at school, she misses the serenity of the beach, her family, and her mom’s home-cooked meals. 

Lovin was recruited here to play basketball. She chose Saint Joes because she felt it was a really good fit for her; between the coaches, her teammates, and the family-like environment that Saint Joes and its students have to offer. Though basketball has always been one of her favorite hobbies, it has also been one of her greatest struggles.

The pandemic made things especially hard for her because she and her teammates were putting in so much work, yet were unsure if they were even going to play. It was hard for her and her teammates to find the motivation to workout and work hard without knowing the certainty of their schedule, yet they did it together. Lovin spent quality time with her teammates and coaches since they were in close proximity at all times; the team was limited with who they could see during the first year of Covid-19. 

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