The artists at Saint Joseph’s gathered to share talents and artistry with the rest of the university. Art Club hosted its first annual ArtFest, which consisted of free food, screen printing, open mic live music, a pop up farmers market, and thrifted items. But the most important aspect of the event were, of course, the artists themselves. Over 25 St. Joe’s students celebrated their creativity by setting up tables on Villiger lawn, and displaying their artwork.

Here’s an inside look at some of the artists:

Anabel Pena ‘22 opened a shop named after her cat, Usagi, where she sells mugs, bowls, and soap dishes. Anabel spins the wet clay on the wheel, or hand molds using slabs of clay and tools. She then glazes each piece with different color glazes, and allows it to dry in a kiln. Each piece takes anywhere from two to four days to complete! Anabel, who began spinning pottery about a year ago, says “I just love it. It’s very therapeutic.” She mentions enjoying selling her work to the community at a fair price. 

Photo Credits: Grace Kenny // Anabel Pena’s Artwork

Janine Ray ‘22 brings pieces of her home to St. Joe’s through handmade jewelry and prints. “I found all these seashells from Seaside Park, New Jersey. That’s where I’m from.” She then wirewraps the shells along with beads and gems into rings and earrings. Along with the homemade jewelry, Janine prints paintings of her home, Seaside Park, and sells them.

Photo Credits: Grace Kenny // Janine Ray with her artwork

Dan Barry ‘23, only began writing poetry last year and chose to bring this newfound passion to the fair. He says, “I love poetry because it gives me an opportunity to express what’s going on inside of me. I feel that our words are limited, and they don’t convey everything, so it’s important for me to use them well.” During the festival Dan would take ideas and stories from strangers, and then produce a poem to send it to them later. Not only is it interesting to receive a poem from someone else, but it gives Dan an opportunity to practice and perfect his poetry skills.

Photo Credits: Grace Kenny // Dan Barry at Saint Joseph’s 2022 Art Festival

Art Club, which is a new club as of 2019, acknowledges and encourages unique and artistic expression on campus. If you’re interested in displaying your own art, or meeting some creative Saint Joe’s students, keep an eye out for future art club events.

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