Picking which college to attend is always a tough decision. There are many different factors to consider: the size, location, majors and minors, on-campus activities, sports… So how do you make that decision? Why pick SJU? The answer is…you don’t.

Credit: HawkcHill Staff

Some people come to SJU because of the high levels of school spirit and the D1 basketball team. Sure, they may have won the A10 Championship last year, but why would anyone want to go to a game anyways? The gym is always swarmed with crazy fans, all decked out in crimson and black. They never stay quiet; the whole entire game, students are chanting cheers like “When The Hawks Go Flying In.” The pep band is always blaring their instruments, adding to the extreme noise levels. People have so much fun at the games and love to express their cheerfulness, that you might actually blow out an eardrum if you decide to attend.

Other people say that they have met lifelong friends while attending SJU. Why would you want to meet people that you couldn’t go a day without? It must suck always having someone to talk to, eat with, go shopping with, or go out with. If you make such close friends at school, there is no doubt that your heart will be empty when you go home for break. And if you really, really, love these people, then your heart might even shatter into a million pieces. Over break, all you’d want to do is sit in bed and cry while nostalgically scrolling through pictures from the past school year. Is attending SJU even worth this risk? I think not.

Credit: HawkcHill Staff

SJU may have a highly-ranked business school, but a title only means so much. Okay, fine, the teachers may be insanely knowledgable and may actually want you to succeed. But is it worth it when you are doing homework on a Saturday night instead of going out? Employers probably don’t even care that certain programs at SJU are ranked within the top ten in the nation. I mean, who would? Think about this: if you go to SJU, you’ll spend so much time in class and getting a quality education, but you’ll also be missing out on a Netflix session in your super cozy bed. #priorities

Basically, if you decide to go to SJU, you are deciding to ruin your life. The school spirit is toxic. You’ll become too reliant on your lifelong friends. And no education could be so prestigious and valuable that it suprasses the importance of Netflix. Do yourself a favor and think about these high-risk factors before you decide to come to SJU.

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