Jason Ngo loves his silky smooth skin he gets from facials. Recently the number of men that get facials or other kinds of pampering has increased dramatically. We wanted to see if this level of self-care is popular among men here at Saint Joseph’s University.

Nicholas Rossi (Class of 2020) now swears by this face mask

We asked three male students to try using three different facial masks. Their names are Nicholas Rossi (Class of 2020), Jason Ngo (Class of 2020) and Ryan Maguire (Class of 2020). Rossi and Maguire never used a facial mask before. Ngo had used a facial mask once before. We used two different types of facial masks. Two of them were stick-on facial masks and the other was a place and peel facial mask. The brands were AC Clear, Sephora, and Be Berry Smooth Peel Mask.

Jason Ngo (Class of 2020) loves his Sephora face mask

None of the volunteers had a set skin-care routine. Ngo and Rossi explained how they wash their face with soap after a workout or if their skin feels oily.  When given the face masks, none of them knew too much about the product or any other brand. Maguire complained about the texture of the mask and was repulsed by how it felt on his skin. Ngo and Rossi enjoyed their facials. They went on to say that they were willing to get another facial in the future if they have enough money.

Skin-care in the past and even today is considered to be geared more towards women. More and more men are taking up skin-care and self-care. To all off the men reading this, it’s ok to do something that makes you feel good look good.

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