Let’s be honest – Any Saint Joe’s student would agree that eating at Campion is a hit or miss. Finding meals that are tasty and healthy can be very difficult, considering that Campion’s main specialties are pizza, french fries, and sugar cookies. But adding food allergies into the mix only complicates things even further. Campion has options, but anyone who has explored them could attest that they are limited. I have been eating a gluten-free diet ever since I was eight years old, when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Dear reader, if you can relate, I’m about to change your dietary life for the better. As annoying as it can sometimes feel, being bound to gluten-free foods doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Eating healthy in college is a goal that any student is striving for, and having to stay gluten-free can actually make that goal a little easier.

I’m going to take you through a typical day at Campion with me, by introducing you to my creative, mostly healthy, gluten-free diet.

Let’s start with Breakfast.

A typical Campion breakfast for me is scrambled eggs, hot tea, and fruit.

I’ll admit it, Campion eggs are usually pretty tasty. They are definitely a go-to food for me in the morning. I’m a caffeine fiend, and I love drinking black tea to wake me up. When I’m in a coffee mood, Saxby’s definitely comes in handy. My gluten free diet has made me into a huge fruit-aholic. I get most of my carbohydrates from fruits, and I try to incorporate them into almost every meal. With breakfast, I either like to have cantaloupe-honeydew melon fruit salad, or a banana.

Then, onto Lunch.

For lunch, I make myself a salad, but with a twist.

Campion lunches can be tricky, amidst the painfully long lines and ever-changing menu. Salads are a staple for me, and I am definitely always trying new things make them more interesting. I always start with a bed of greens (either mixed, spinach, or romaine lettuce), add either cherry tomatoes or sliced beets, add some chicken, and top it of with either black beans or chickpeas. I personally am not a salad dressing fan, but I love getting hummus on the side. To add a grain to the meal, I have a side of quinoa, when Campion actually has it.

Snack break…

Grabbed a Campion banana, and it was pretty yummy.

Finally… Dinner!


As we all know, Campion dinners can definitely vary, but I normally try to get a little bit of everything. I like to make myself a bowl, like at Sweetgreen, but obviously less bougie and delicious. I stop at the salad bar first, to get a green base. I grab some veggies, either peppers, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, or everything. I almost always add chickpeas. Then, I cruise over to the “home-cooked” section of Campion, where I don’t always have too much luck. On days when they’re offering any type of rice (brown, white, or with beans added), I’m a happy camper. Rice and beans are one of my favorite additions to my dinner bowl.

And just for fun, Dessert.

My favorite thing to grab from Campion when I have a sugar craving is a fruit bowl with honey drizzled on top. No gluten, and loads of natural sweetness. Sugar isn’t the healthiest option, but keeping the sugars we consume natural is always a good idea. My favorite combo is pineapple and watermelon.

There you have it, a day at Campion with gluten-free girl. Celiac or not, make sure to utilize the fruits and veggies available to you, and get creative with your choices! Campion will probably never be a gourmet restaurant, but there are definitely tips and tricks to spruce up your diet, even if you struggle with food allergies. Happy eating!

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