Co-op is an opportunity for business students. It’s THE hidden gem of the business school. Co-op students are an elite group who are hardworking and determined. They sacrifice their summer and adapt to a new schedule to better their future. It gives students the opportunity to create a network as well as advance their career, by graduating on time with a years’ worth of paid work experience. Currently I’m a sophomore in the program,

After a summer of working your butt off studying, trying to squeeze time in with your friends who aren’t taking a full semesters worth of classes, and attempting to sleep, you FINALLY get a chance to “relax”. This is what you’ve been waiting for, you trade in your textbooks and comfy clothes for work badges and professional attire. Finally understanding why your parents are always exhausted after a day of work. It’s so nice to be living at school with your friends and not have any school work to worry about. Sunday Scaries?

Photo courtesy: Tara McBride

Thing of the past. A great co-op perk: the paychecks, no matter what you do with it, save or spend. You are literally being paid to gain experience and live with your friends. Sure, sometimes you miss being able to randomly drop into campion with your friends after class or just lounging around Hawk Hill somedays, but in the end, it’s worth it.  Co-op work terms are the best of both worlds, you get to live on campus with your friends while working.

Going back to class after having so much time off is truly an adjustment. Yet there are enough pros about it you don’t care that you have homework and tests to worry about again. First things first, you’re back, for good. You get to be on Hawk Hill all day, see people you haven’t seen in a while since your paths probably didn’t cross last semester. You feel your age again, spending all day with adults and then going back to a college setting can get confusing. Now you are surrounded by people your age and automatically know the latest trend you are referring to without having to google it or understand because their kids showed them it, making you feel old and extremely young at the same time. Another pro of being back is the schedule of a college day is up to you, no more waking up early to avoid traffic and 8+hour days.

Overall being a co-op student is a unique and beneficial experience that all qualified should consider.


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