Are you looking for a short workout that you can do from the comfort of your dorm room or apartment with limited equipment and time? Then the Kayla Itsines workout is for you.

Photo from Kayla Itsine’s Instagram Account

If you don’t know her, Kayla is a fitness trainer from Australia who created a program that went viral through her social media accounts, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can buy the workouts in PDF format or a book format and it comes with a nutrition manual as well. Recently, she came out with a smartphone app called Sweat with Kayla – Bikini Body Workouts & Exercise, with a seven-day free trial available!

Photo Taken from Kayla Itsine’s Workout Guide

Her workouts consist of two circuits with four exercises in each circuit. With the goal of creating a short workout, you only need 28 minutes to complete the full workout. Starting with circuit one, put on a timer for seven minutes and see how many sets of each exercise you can do in that seven minutes. When the seven minutes is over in circuit one, move on to circuit two and do the same thing. After you have finished both circuits once, start over from the beginning and do each circuit one more time. The circuits rotate from legs & cardio, to arms & abs, and then to full body. This short but intense workout will leave you feeling sweaty and energized!

The beauty of her social media pages and blog is that they are filled with transformation stories, meal ideas, and motivational quotes to keep you on track. With over six million followers on Instagram, Kayla has used the hashtags #BBG and #KaylasArmy to keep her followers connected and allow them to support and motivate each other on their fitness journey.

-Lauren Johnson

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