With spring registration coming to an end comes new information to learn, new teachers, and new classroom locations for the next semester. Many students choose to sit in the back row, while others choose to sit in the front row. However, some buildings on campus have beautiful through the windows that students often overlook.

Studies show that sitting next to a window in a classroom lowers stress levels and keeps students awake and alert.

We have gathered some of the best views through the windows of classrooms and other buildings on campus. Here they are:

Post Hall

View from Post Hall. Photo by Ted Dolan.

The windows from the top floor of Post Hall give a very college-esque view of the older buildings, sports field, and the beautiful, brand-new ramp. 

Barbelin Hall

View from Barbelin Hall. Photo by Casey Wood.

Barbelin Hall offers a very historic view. Looking through the window can make students feel as if they are back in the historic days of SJU.

The Library

View from The Library. Photo by Chelsea Evans.

There probably isn’t a better place on campus to get your work done (or to socialize until you drop)! The views of Barbelin Hall from the library give a historically beautiful view of the heart of our campus.

Boland Hall

View from Boland Hall. Photo by Chelsea Evans.

Boland Hall is one that not many students may be aware of, but being the Art department building, it is only fitting that looking through the windows offer extremely artsy views. 

Lannon Hall

View from Lannon Hall Common Room. Photo by Chlesea Evans.

The views from the common room of Lannon give a city-feel through their view of the traffic-filled City Avenue. If you happen to be a people-watcher, Lannon Hall would be a great place for you!

McShain Hall

View from McShain Hall. Photo by Chelsea Evans.

McShain is usually a place for freshmen, especially because it is where they lay their head at night. However, many classes are held here and sometimes we don’t always take the second to turn around and look behind us to see this view.

Ashwood Hall

Views from Ashwood Hall. Photo by Ted Dolan.

There’s nothing better than a view of the skyline of Philadelphia on a crispy sunny day! The top apartments of Ashwood Hall offer some of the best views of any residence hall on campus. 

Be sure to keep in mind these views from the best windows in buildings on campus. St. Joe’s campus is known for having a variety of detailed, beautiful architecture of the buildings. We always look at these buildings from the outside, but never from the inside. Taking a second out of your day to look at something from the inside can give you a whole new perspective of things.

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