A 5k is equivalent to 3.1 miles which converts to 12.5 laps around a track. Saint Joe’s senior Ethan Widrig  is on a mission to run 100 days straight of 5k’s while raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s. For this week’s Hawk cHill article we sat down and interviewed Ethan to get to know him a little better. Keep reading to learn some fun facts about Ethan and his inspiration for running 100 days of 5k’s!!! 

Ethan Widrig
Photo By: Katie Rosta

Gabriella Bamford (GB): Where are you originally from?

Ethan Widrig(EW): Bedford, New Hampshire

GB: What is your major?

EW: Accounting and Finance 

GB: What day out of 100 are you on?

EW: I am on day 88 

GB: When did you start?

EW: First day of school so I think that was August 26 

GB: What inspired you to run 100 days of 5k?

EW: Well I wanted to do an organized 5k at the start of the year and then everything kind of just was disorganized so I didn’t think I could organize it fast enough, get enough sponsors, get an ambulance, and get the track reserved. There were a lot of hoops to jump through. I decided though that I still wanted to do something for the community so I came up with 100 days of 5k’s and then I also wanted to get the community involved and have them be able to come on runs with me. So I just decided to do this instead. 

GB: Do you know someone personally affected by Alzheimer’s?

EW: Yeah so my dad’s mom had Alzheimer’s and she passed away about six years ago and that’s the main main reason that I wanted to do this. That was the original plan of the organized 5k but when that fell through I still wanted to do something to raise money. 

GB: Where do you usually run?

EW: I usually run on the track when I can and when its open.

Kevin Quinn Track
Photo By: Katie Rosta

GB: What run has been your favorite?

EW: Probably my first run with other people. I ran with gaelic football and it was the first organized run that I did . They had approached me and asked if I wanted to do one with them. That was really exciting and I think it sparked other organizations to run with me and it was a really nice feeling. 

GB: How do you motivate yourself to run?

EW: I think a big part of that is my friends support. Most of the time I have someone come with me on the track so I am not running alone so that’s really helpful to stay motivated. I want to complete the 100 days so I would not want to miss a day. 

GB: Favorite running route? 

EW: My favorite running route I have not done this because it is longer than a 5k but it is to the Manayunk Bridge. 

GB: Favorite sneaker brand?

EW: Adidas 

GB: Any issues with injuries?

EW: Not significantly,  I kind of hurt my ankle at one point, but it got better. 

GB: Do you like to run with music?

EW: I like to run with music most of the time if I’m alone. If my friends come to run with me or something I won’t run with music.

GB: Do you prefer to run solo or with other people? 

EW: I prefer to run with people if I can. 

GB: How do you stay motivated? Do you ever struggle with not wanting to go for a run? 

EW: I definitely struggle sometimes not wanting to go,  but only on days when I have had a really busy day and I have a lot to do school/work-wise. Usually, I run at night just as I am about to leave campus, so sometimes I do feel a little drained from the day. I know that I need to complete it and I want to so in the end I always get it done. It helps when I have people come with me to help me out. 

Ethan Running
Photo By: Katie Rosta

GB: What’s your favorite color?

EW: Light blue 

GB: If you could bring three musicians to a music festival dead or alive who would you bring? 

EW: Chance the Rapper, Drake,  Bird Talker 

GB: Favorite icecream flavor? 

EW: Cookies and cream 

GB: Other organizations you are involved in on campus?

EW: Phi Sigma Pi, I do weekly service,  and I am APEX leader 

GB: Favorite athlete?

EW: Amari Cooper. I like the Cowboys because I was born in Texas. 

To learn more about Ethan’s journey check out this article written by Zach Dobinson for The Hawk 

To follow along with Ethan’s journey, find out when he is running, and donate to his cause check out his Instagram page 100days_of_5ks

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